by usual sunset

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released March 27, 2017



all rights reserved


usual sunset Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: burning/descending
no one knows you
perform a life
try and fight what you're inside
live in the shadows
and take another blow
tell me what to think
tell me what to dream
all scarred and beat up
Track Name: water and darkness
lock me in
love the ultimate relief
shut in a self
while the fires are spreading

when it’s here
what can you save
you might as well
burn everything
Track Name: buried
look in my eyes
I’ll kill again
to set a fire in this emptiness
in your soundest dream
where you’ve buried me
inside clawing
begging for release
for one night
denied of pain and hate
in placid ground
trapped inside
Track Name: starve
a dreamlike vision, the world comes in
I know I’m only passing through your eyes
no spirit to sustain
just manage the pain
the hungrier you are
the more you'll starve
breaking open every door
how do you live in a world closing in
pleading to be set free
you will remember everything
on the last night you burn through these forests and fog toward a dawn
where love might hold some relief
a hiding place safe from harm
ask yourself where do we reach anyone
through the pain of trying to find some kind of meaning in anything
shut out
try to set yourself free
try to make yourself real
when you have nothing
there’s no way out
long suffering
there’s no way out
a name that means nothing
an apparition, the world comes in
you will never know me again
Track Name: unknown
though I pulse with life
I am paralyzed
torn from your rib
you don’t know me
and I wouldn’t know you

cutting to the bone
what life is there to work toward
what I see is nothing
time keeps dragging forward

a world of human meanings
a cage you’re thrown into
a cage where you'll die
where you comply and play the role

dreaming of a home
you are something you’ve never known
crying for a home
you are not even your own
Track Name: flowers
cling to something
for fear of nothing
feeling unreal is part of the play

flowers stacked over you
in a moment your life is through
all your dreams die with you
the dreams you never saw through

you thought that there were things that would be kept safe
life breaks in to every last space
you expect to come away with something
it will all be stripped away