usual punishment

by usual sunset

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released February 18, 2016



all rights reserved


usual sunset Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: bullet
some dumbed-down story about togetherness
it’s meaningless
a warm fiction to sanctify all the masks of violence

lost in a hell
they send their prayers
no one hears you
but they’ve all got the answers
so why won't you help yourself

what you hear is
suicide is selfish
you're to blame if life is hopeless
what you hear are
principles that have to be defended
automatic, cocked and pointed at the wounded

the cops are coming, you’ve crossed the line
but no one here wants you to die
no one wants your blood on their hands
no one wants you to die because
no one wants to clean up the mess
Track Name: usual punishment
identity, validity
standardized and closed
posed for the picture
what are you smiling for

closed in a room
till you don’t exist
claw at the walls
but you deserve this
take yourself out with your fists
the prize of compliance
you’ve earned it

marked down, remodeled, for sale
a product back on the shelves
the torture was necessary

pull the knife out of my hand
put the words into my mouth
the highest hell, a noble game
work is moral
orders are obeyed
the highest hell, a noble game
lined up in order
swallow the pain

I’m responsible for the chains
my suffering is the crime
now I know who to blame
thank you for your time
Track Name: prey in fog
I wish you the best
I could care less
the helpless
are worthless

order and secure meanings
the days made of empty aims
a distraction of undertakings
the prayer of material things

a hallway for your eyes
to look to
to shape a world through
everything will be named

labeled and conquered
the reality taken away
everyone in a category
and no desire to break the chains

a refuge of forests
I merge with the night
I thought that I would vanish with the dawn
but when I awoke
the mountains had burned down
when I awoke
the forests had been taken out
Track Name: forest floor (seclusion room)
walked the forests at night
fell into the dawn
crawl forward
a knife through the fog

my body was the night unfolding
weightless like dreaming
in a flood of light from the ceiling
I woke up and the world was unfamiliar to me

watched in a fish tank
the tiles have flooded over
one slit of glass
to observe the enclosure

I look at my steps
soon wiped clean
I watch the snow falling
a slow avalanche over me
Track Name: sufficient tears, adequate pain
restrained and drugged
for discipline
no trial for the hated
stripped of life
shut in a cell
those who break the laws of heaven

a mind brought back to starve and torture
what do you have in life, if not even yourself
bow down and surrender
fall down and die on the floor

I saw nothing in the mirror
when it was through
the lights out
the skin blue
wash away the blood
sustaining abuse
to treat the wounds